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S I M P L I F I E D      S O L U T I O N S


R  E  S  U  L  T  S

Hourly recruitment solutions on an as needed, external basis.

alio recruitment

Created by the desire to do things differently, Alio Recruitment offers full cycle and partial recruitment on an hourly, as needed basis. Designed to better support small to mid sized organizations who value the importance and impact of skilled talent acquisition, with a cost effective, high performing, custom recruitment model. 

Recruitment as we know it has historically been a world of contingency; fitting boxes into circles and squeezing dollars out of pennies. What if, we could provide a better service, more aligned, more accountable and more meaningful, for a quarter of the cost? What if we became partners to our clients and genuinely had their best interest as our first priority? 


This is recruitment done your way; how you need it, what you need and when you need it. Our expert team of recruiters support your organizations growth when you need us the most. Our process is centred around a strategic headhunting approach, layered by marketing, in depth screening, transparency and refined selection. You talk, we listen and we are not afraid to ask the tough questions. 

Our full cycle recruitment projects, from job description development and marketing right through the offer negotiation and references, are estimated between 50 - 60 hours of invested time, at a hourly fee of $120 per hour. 

Perhaps you have internal infrastructure that supports your existing recruitment process, but you need assistance with headhunting or targeting a passive, competitive market. All parts of our full service offering can be isolated and offered independently, ensuring you pay for just what you need, and nothing more. 



Contingent recruitment - successful hire of a candidate with the annual salary of $75,000. Fee = $14,000 - $17,000

Alio Hourly recruitment - successful hire of a candidate with the annual salary of $75,000. Fee = $6,000 - $7,200

With a "start from scratch" approach to every single recruitment, you own all research compiled throughout the project; this means that our clients have the opportunity to make multiple hires off of one project, for no additional fee. We believe that we win, when you win.

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How Can We Help

How Can

we Help?

project recruitment

As needed, role specific recruitment solutions. Services can be offered as full cycle or independently. 

- Opportunity Identification -
Job posting / description development, marketing and advertisement creation, position profiling 

- Recruitment and Talent Mapping -

Headhunting, sourcing and outreach within a competitive market, primary screening and evaluation, in-depth primary interviewing

-  Final Short List - 

Submission of short listed top talent, coordination of secondary client interviews

- Pre Employment Support - 

References, offer mediation and negotiation, start date coordination

- Post Hire -

Transferring of all research for future client use

short term engagement

Short term, fractional solutions to fit your organizational needs. Services can be offered on a per week or per month basis. 

- Full Cycle Support -
Complimentary to internal HR/Recruitment infrastructure, this solution includes everything in our project recruitment option, on a longer term, multi-position basis

- Fill in the Gaps -

Extra help with headhunting, interviewing and balancing the demand on internal recruitments on a committed, XX hours per week basis to build bandwidth

-  Recruitment Development - 

Development and implementation of processes and systems to help establish internal recruitment procedures and best practices, setting the tone for consistency and future success 


Official Recruitment Partner of Atletico Ottawa! 
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